The leading center of excellence
for programmatic audio advertising.

Tell Your Story Through Audio

Audiology represents the largest digital audio marketplace in the United States. We help brands, agencies, trading desks and DSPs leverage the power of audio to connect with consumers and tell their stories.


Premium Supply, Superior Scale 

Audiology provides media buyers access to the preeminent supply of digital audio inventory, reaching over 200MM people a month across 2B impressions. We offer agnostic guidance on the digital audio industry and provide clients educational training and best practices for how to reach your customers.

Data Driven Audio Solutions

Audiology was created so programmatic media buyers could effectively apply data to reach highly engaged audiences and drive efficient campaign results, at scale. Our curated portfolio includes the top 25 audio streaming services, podcasts and terrestrial radio stations. We allow media buyers to reach their ideal audiences in a premium and 100% brand safe environment!