Creative Services

No Audio Assets? No Problem!

Audiology provides creative services for our clients which can include:

  • Commercial audio production
  • Copyrighting and script writing
  • Voice-over talent with auditions
  • Audio transformation of video assets
  • Connected devices and smart speaker creative
  • Tagging
  • Measurement and tracking using 3rd parties.

Audiology’s proprietary software builds the clearest audio ads. Through our unique ad insertion technology, we ensure that audio as creatives are matched to the audio content’s encoding bitrate and volume levels. Messages are heard loud and clear!

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FINAL Script

:15 ad = ~40 words

:30 ad = ~80 words

:45 ad = ~120 words

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Audiology is happy to supply a music bed to play under the voiceover in your audio ad. Including a music bed could take an additional day for production.

You may also provide your own music bed if you have secured the licensing rights.

  • Please provide in WAV, or AIF format.
  • Audiology will place under the voice over copy.
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Creative Best Practices

Our creative team specializes in crafting audio ads optimized to resonate with the listener through a personal, targeted listening experience. From strategic, imaginative script ideation to dynamic sound design and production, our team takes pride in creating audio advertising that’s innovative, relevant and effective.

Consider Ad Length

Keep the message short and concise. The average copy length should be roughly 40 words for a :15 second ad, and 85 words for a :30 second ad. After the copy is written, make sure to time yourself reading the ad out loud to ensure it falls within the correct allotment of seconds.

Align Message With Audience

Advertisers can choose to target consumers specifically based on content, daypart, geographic location, and other criteria. Dynamically inserted ads can be served across a range of verticals, and targeted to a particular audience, time period, or reach and frequency objective. Make sure your message aligns to your audience.

Maximize Effectiveness Without Companion Banners

Execute a true 1 to 1 engagement with consumers. No need to interact with device to engage with the digital message. Ads are on when screens are not. Most people aren’t looking at their screen when they listen to digital audio. So, don’t rely on companion banners to drive traffic to your site. We recommend you introduce the brand name and call-to-action in the first :10 seconds of the audio spot.

Entertain and Delight

Create an “audio first” environment with your message—connect with the listener through engaging content. Recognize the fact that the screen may be turned off or not exist at all. CTAs should not rely on screen activation or companion banner interaction.
Use creative that is memorable and entertaining. Features may include your brand’s proprietary Jingles or Sonic Identifiers. The creative should be specific to the digital audio format and images should stand out in listener’s mind.


Drive Action & Intent

Create enticing offers that enable easy purchase decisions. Thought Starters: Sweepstakes & Coupon Codes, Social Integration through Photo Uploads and #Hashtags, Retailer Details, etc. This  works especially well on a mobile device, where you can ask the listener to tap/shake to call, click for coupon or test for more information. Keep in mind that mobile listeners interested in a product or service will research it at a later time.

Capitalize on Delivery Methods & Devices

Repurpose current traditional radio messaging for more consistent message delivery across multiple media platforms. Access consumers across more than 120 consumer electronics including Voice Assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Creative Specs

Creative Specs
File Formats Accepted Initial Dimensions (WxH in pixels) Expansion Allowed? Lengths Bitrate Max File Size Max Frame rate Impression Tracker Click Tracker 3rd Party Serving Allowed? Asset Delivery Deadline
Audio (Pre/Mid/Post)
MP3, .MP4, .AAC, .WAV, .OGG N/A No :15 & :30 (:60 per request) 196k mbs 2MB N/A Yes No Yes, VAST & DAAST 2 days
Display Banners
HTML, JPEG, GIF, STATIC, PNG 300×250 No N/A N/A 150k 24 fps Yes Yes Yes 2 days
HTML, JPEG, GIF, STATIC, PNG 300×50 No N/A N/A 50k 24 fps Yes Yes Yes 2 days
HTML, JPEG, GIF, STATIC, PNG 320×50 No N/A N/A 50k 24 fps Yes Yes Yes 2 days

Tracking & Measurement

Programmatic Audio is a digital-first form of advertising. The media is addressable, targetable and quantifiable which allows for multiple forms of tracking & measurement. As with other forms of media, its impact reaches consumers at all stages of the marketing funnel from Branding to Direct Response (DR). Audiology recommends a number of KPIs that media buyers can use to determine the success of their campaigns. Branding and top of the funnel metrics include Listen Through Rate (LTR), Cost Per Completed Listen (CPCL), Cost Per Person (CPP) and 3rd Party Measurement (i.e. Brand studies). Additionally, all media is tagged with our proprietary listener ID, allowing advertisers to tie back impressions served to site visitation, conversions, in-store traffic and other downstream metrics. Further, some Direct Response (DR) advertisers track ad effectiveness in digital audio with custom offer codes, vanity URLs, and/or phone numbers. Whatever your goals and objectives are, Audiology can easily track success because sales are directly attributed to Listener IDs, vanity codes and URLs assigned to your campaign. Benchmarks available upon request.